The Ford EcoSport Pampers Passengers

The Ford EcoSport is a vehicle with options that help passengers pamper themselves. The main features that provide comfort, entertainment, and amusement can accessed in the front or back of the cabin as these zones have fun solutions for kids, connectivity options for teens, and capability hardware that will please grown-ups.

On the road, everyone will enjoy using the audio system that's equipped in the cabin. This is a premium audio system, so the hardware is capable of producing high-quality treble sounds and bold, vibrant bass effects. As music plays, sounds bounce off of various surfaces and surrounds the cabin because the system has 10 powerful speakers.

During a long road trip, the Ford EcoSport's Wi-Fi hardware will give passengers opportunities to unwind while using their favorite devices. Because the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot has technology that can connect 10 electronic products at the same time, everyone can take advantage of the signal.

If you want to test drive this fun, family vehicle, visit Valenti Ford today. We schedule test drives on various roads for locals throughout Mystic.

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