Superb Performance Features with the Ford Fiesta

Did you know that many drivers prefer high tech performance features rather than the style and trim of the car? The driving experience is what makes the car, and the Ford Fiesta has a lot to offer.

The Ford Fiesta is designed with your driving style in mind. There is a custom engine option that lets you choose a manual or automatic transmission. The transmission of this vehicle of this vehicle offers the feel of a sports car with a 5-speed manual transmission in the Fiesta ST, S, and SE models, as well as, a 6-speed manual transmission for the Fiesta ST. There is also electric power-assisted steering. This feature saves power and changes to the current conditions of the road which helps with improving maneuverability in unfavorable weather conditions.

With electric stability control, you have extra protection in the ice and snow. This stability control detects wheel slip along with an anti-lock brake system that helps with maintaining control of your breaks, especially when potentially drifting into someone else's lane.

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