The Ford EcoSport is Packed with Features

If you're looking for an SUV but don't want something too big or clunky, consider getting a Ford EcoSport. This efficient vehicle is becoming a popular choice here at Valenti Ford in Mystic, CT amongst energy-conscious customers.

One way in which the EcoSport gets the most out of each tank of fuel is with its Start-Stop Technology. This system can be turned on and off with the simple push of a button. Whenever you come to a stop at a red light or in traffic, the engine will automatically shut off. It'll start up again when you press the gas pedal, all without missing a step.

In terms of storage, there are many options. The Cargo Management System comes with 30 different compartments that range from small to spacious. The rear floor can even be adjusted to accommodate different types of gear in the back.

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