The Ford Escape Has Important Safety Technology

The Ford Escape is a smaller-sized SUV available at Valenti Ford in Mystic, CT. This vehicle is fuel efficient, and it comes with a wide array of options that let you have comfort and convenience while driving. Safety technology is an important part of the design of the Ford Escape.

Adaptive cruise control is a technology that provides safety and convenience with the Escape. This feature allows you to set both the speed and the distance that you want to maintain between the Escape and other vehicles. The system will adjust the speed and distance to comply with what you have set. The vehicle can automatically come to a complete stop if necessary.

The Ford Escape is also equipped with a lane-keeping system. The sensors in this system monitor for lane drifting. If you are starting to move out of your lane, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate as a warning to get back in the lane center.

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