The 2019 Ford Mustang Has Handling To Match Its Power

The Ford Mustang has always been known for its power and consistently ranks high among the class of muscle cars. That being said, there is the desire to tame that muscle so that they can be easily handled as you drive around Mystic, CT. The 2019 Ford Mustang comes equipped with features designed to make it a better handling vehicle.

There are a few features of the 2019 Mustang that improve handling. The first of these is the available MagneRide Dampening system. This system monitors and responds to changes in road conditions. Each dampener reacts 1000 times per second to maintain a smooth ride when road conditions are less than ideal.

Time at Valenti Ford will also reveal that the Ford Mustang is equipped with an independent rear suspension. This feature helps to reduce vehicle body roll. The independent rear suspension also aids in isolating the imperfections of the road. The result is more precise handling a generally more responsive drive.

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